2020 Weddings


You’re engaged, now what?

After a whirlwind of emotions, tears and happiness you are finally engaged! I know these first few weeks of engagement can be hectic. There’s a million ideas flooding your mind from where you’ll say ‘I DO’ to who will be your DJ?! I’m here to help you with some of that planning and make your photography as smooth and easy as possible.

My Style. . .

I love, LOVE. From all types. And my #1 goal is to capture YOURS! Your love is unique to this world and my shooting style is very free spirited and emotional.


i know you’re stressed. .

BUT THIS WILL BE THE BEST DAY EVER! lets connect, get some coffee and chat about your big day. I want to know about you, how you met and your favorite cereal. But most of all I want to be that friend and person on your wedding day that made you think “wow I couldn’t have done my day without her”.

let your love shine

your love is the most important thing to me, and through my photographs we will capture YOU.


and at the end of the day you will be married. .

THE investment

I may be a little biased, but when it comes to weddings photos may be the most important thing of the whole day! when the day is over, the cake is smashed, the decor is boxed up, the dress is ruined and the tuxes are returned. . the only thing you’ll have left is beautiful photographs. photographs you can show your children and friends and family. photographs that I hope will make you look back one day and say “that was the best day ever.”



I would love to meet you, hear all about your day and take this journey together.


sophie grace