I am at a loss for words with this one. Schae + Kye made sure every.single.detail was perfect and in place.  This was the wedding I was WAITING for for weeks, had nervous nightmares about and was just so pumped!

Schae: you are beautiful, giddy and so creative.  Your touch for detail and vision of colors and light really showed through on your day. From the pizza to the macrame and the donuts and those weird juice drinks; your day was YOU. It was a perfect representation of your love for Kye and your adventurous soul.

Kye: you are so sweet. As I listened to you confess your love through your own vows to Schae I had a moment of "oh I want that".  Your creative spirit and love for Schae are as evident as the sun on a clear day. 

Together these two are a power couple, full of faith and love and pizza. The last couple of weddings I have photographed have included a "worship" portion, in which everyone stands and sings and worships to our Lord above and man that is moving. Is there really a better way to start your lives together?

Schae + Kye, I wish you two the very very best and thank you for having me on your amazing day.

Sophie Syvertsen