IN HOME SEASON! | Sophie Grace Photography

Well hello there Earthlings!
Winter is among us which means one thing: cold.  Well, there is a couple ways to get around this for photos; brave the cold or do in-home!  
In home lifestyle sessions are so near and dear to my heart.  I love coming into someone's home, meeting the family and capturing their life.  These sessions are so RAW.  They capture real happenings, real life and real emotion.  And the best part is; we get to stay WARM!
I hear things all the time like: "well my house doesn't have good photo spots"; but its not necessarily about that "perfect photo opt spot", its about capturing your life in the midst of the busy-ness & craziness around us (well lit areas do help a little though ;) ).    

Heres a few photos from my in-home sessions that have been happening over the past couple of months; I hope to be blogging them individually over the winter as I hope to stay busy capturing life!

Have an amazing rest of you week & God bless.