I used to think it was absolutely ridiculous to buy someone flowers.  I used to think that flowers were a waste of money because they "just die".  Well, over the years I'm not sure if I just learned to appreciate the Earth more or what, but I love to buy myself flowers.

Here in the midwest it is cold approximately. . . 7 months out of the year.  Well in those months we are cooped up inside, living next to all the rest of the midwesterners indoors and basically don't see anything green until May.  I have learned to appreciate that even though I end up killing anything, even cacti, I enjoy trying to bring a part of nature indoors in the winter.

You don't need someone to buy you flowers, heck if I waited for Logan to buy me flowers I probably wouldn't get any until I was 30.  Buy yourself flowers, enjoy God's beautiful colorful creations. BUY YOURSELF FLOWERS!

This styled shoot was so much fun.  I have been in a creative rut lately with doing so much client-work and the recent passing of my 4 legged best friend, Zola.  I needed a day to explore, style, buy myself some flowers (and use them in the shoot) and create some beautiful images.  And now I have some pretty roses & eucalyptus to make my room smell refreshing.

Buy yourself flowers.

Dress: Proper & Prim

Model: Ashley Maack [ @ashley__3 ]

Florals: ME!