LIKES DO NOT DEFINE YOU | LEZ BE REAL | Sophie Grace Photography

LADIES & GENTS. Grab a chair and prepare yourself for a pointless rant.  This is a topic that I often find myself chatting about with fellow influencers and photographers.  Its a topic that seems to be always ever changing and has become one of the biggest measurements and of self gratification. 

Likes. Followers. Views. Favorites. SOCIAL MEDIA.

Now, I haven't been in this huge social media train (aka instagram) for very long (as in actually legitimately caring about my page), but my short time in this cyber world has been confusing.  When I was a senior in high school instagram was just starting to be a "thing", twitter was basically non-existent and Facebook was the go-to way of expressing any emotion or feeling you had about any pointless thing a teenager feels the need to rant about.  Rewind even farther back and we can go into the world of Bebo & Myspace.  If you got to the lucky number of 11 likes on instagram "back in the day" I'd call that a success (you know you know what I'm talking about)!  

Now days it seems like life REVOLVES around social media. "So & so got this many likes on instagram", "holy did you see her retweets?!". WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING.  I, too, am victim of this world sometimes. But my question is to you; does the number of likes & followers define you?  If they all went away one day how would you feel?  Do those likes pay the bills? When you're old & grey will you look back and say "woah remember that time I got 50k likes on that photo?" (the answer is I sure hope not!!). If you live your life based off the number on the screen you will never be satisfied.

I made my current instagram solely to promote my photography page; and that seems to be working out pretty dang well! I've enjoyed it, but I just cant seem to ignore the fact that some completely revolve their lives around the number of gratifications they receive.  I see all these accounts on the discover page and just think WTF?! I have to ignore the number on the screen, sit back and take LIFE in one click at a time...after all thats why I started this whole biz!

Now what I DO think is important about social media; this family.  I have met an amazing little group of people from social media.  I've met photographers, influencers, bloggers, brides, clients & artists all over the midwest from social media. THAT, my friends, is what I think is important.  Im so thankful to have met EACH & EVERY influencer & artist.  Over this past year, I have met so many new souls and it's been so amazing. You ALL are to talented and I want you to keep grinding, keep creating and keep doing you.  I love being able to share my experiences & slight talents with you, and I love seeing all of you guys grow and create as well. 

I try to focus on the present, the now and not what is on the screen.  You think your photo is awesome? GOOD thats all that matters.  "So & so" didn't like it? Screw em, do you! Its so important to know your self worth, understand your self love. And don't EVER think the likes on the screen define you. You are you. Please please please don't ever compare yourself or think you are a lesser person because you don't receive as many likes as the girl next door.  It does not define you as a human and artist.

Don't let social media take over your life.



Photos of me by: Tawny Marie